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Step 1 of BowTied Bull’s formula is locking in high earnings in your career in sales, banking, or tech.

In this Substack, you get the inside scoop on why you’re NGMI in tech.

…and how to change so you can start getting promotions and level up at any big tech company.

I’ve risen the ranks in elite software engineering. Turns out you need a lot more than coding chops to do that.

In this Substack, you’ll get proven tactics and strategies to land yourself on the right tail of the bell curve, that sounds like its worth the price of admission.

All for the price of a coffee each month.

My colleagues smiling at their bigger paycheques after following my advice and getting early promotions this spring certainly seem to think so.

Other Topics

I also write on other topics including my observations on Canadian real estate, and my writing has been featured in publications including the BowTiedBull Substack.

BowTied Bull
City Guide: Toronto and Another Take on Canada RE
Welcome Avatar! As you know we’re heading into Winter soon and this is the perfect time to do the quick Toronto City Guide. Once again it is free so you can already guess the conclusion. Just in case someone enjoys pain, we’ve purposely waited until now. You’ll check the weather for Toronto in the Winter and immediately press the escape button. We’ve do…
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Whether achieving tech career mastery or leveling up other parts of your life, there's a lot more we need to cover if you're going to make it.

Stay toon'd.

- BowTied Fullstack

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